Gianne Consentino

Gianne was born and raised in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and was brought to Nashville by her love for music. Music and dance have always been significant in her life, and from a very young age, she was taking dance lessons, writing songs, and performing. Throughout her elementary school years, she played piano and flute and enjoyed dancing ballet and jazz. In middle school, she picked up guitar and songwriting, and discovered her love for hip-hop dance. She is a trained dancer with focuses in ballet, pointe, modern, jazz, and contemporary. Musically, her history includes playing flute in band and orchestra, as well as writing and recording original music in multiple indie/rock bands. After graduating from a performing arts high school and being awarded a music scholarship, she decided to continue on in a career of Music Education at Messiah College. With flute as her primary instrument, Gianne played as the Principal Flutist for three years in the Messiah College Wind Ensemble and the Messiah College Symphony Orchestra. While studying for her degree, she was equipped to teach a variety of instruments, from woodwinds to brass to strings. She also was a member in the schools dance company called Acclamation Dance. Since graduating and moving to Nashville, she has thoroughly enjoyed her experiences of teaching and connecting with students and families.
Gianne is excited to help students thrive with excellence and passion in their personal niche.