Jaquelyn Walters

Jacquelyn Walters is originally from Lakeland, Florida and has lived in Nashville for the past 13 yrs. Jacquelyn has 10 years as a professional vocalist and hip-hop dancer. She has toured as a back-up dancer for CCM artist, Natalie Grant & Nicole C. Mullen. Jaquelyn’s dance training has been with companies such as; Florida Dance Theatre, Woodstock Ballet, HisTown, Heart For The Arts Academy, Millennium Dance Complex, and Pro Trac. As a current influencer and former soprano vocalist of Voices Of Lee, she’s had over 4.1 Million views on youtube, had the honor to sing and share the screen with names like: Voices Of Lee, D SHARP, DJ KIRK, President Donald Trump, The Gaithers Band, Miss America 2004, Plus One, Nathan Walters, the Cimorelli Band, and EXT. Jaquelyn has also done several studio workings as a vocalist with MineWorks Animations, Moonlight productions for (demos written for Qwen Stafani and Beyoncé). Jacquelyn attended Lee University and studied Music Business. Jacquelyn focuses on intonation, pitch, breathing, range, control, sharpness, and performance both in vocal and dance.  Growing up modern and hip hop dance were her favorite genres. As an active vocalist and dancer, Jacquelyn’s mission is to help the students here at Shalom Movement and Honor Creation feel motivated and empowered through the arts!