Quincy Ellision

Quincy aka QKong started breaking in 2001 and was traveling the South, East Coast, and Midwest extensively by 2002. He won a number of jams, including Loose Screws, NBL, Get Rooted, and Atlanta Street Jam. He is one of the founding members of Illville Crew (established 2003) and co-started Bashville in 2004, one of the largest jams in the South, now going into its 13th year. QKong started dabbling in house dancing around 2005 and began to devote himself more seriously in 2011. He has been a member of Digital Nativez since 2013. He founded 615 House of Dance in 2013 as a community resource for both beginning students and experienced dancers. I’ve always felt a strong connection with Nashville, my home town, and wanted to build the scene here, which inspired me to throw jams of different types, such as Blood on the Dance Floor, Funky Fighter, Just All Styles, and last but not least, Bashville. I\’m hoping to establish the House of Dance as the foundation for the future of our scene.